Oasis Compilation

Oasis is a compilation curated by LYFSTYL and Hearing Gold featuring a collection of songs created by a few of our favorite artists exclusively for this project. The compilation is a 10-track piece in which each artist adds their unique sound by remixing a film score or a classical / orchestral track. Check out the tracklist, stream and grab the entire compilation below via Bandcamp after the jump.


01 The Bear and The Sea Welcome to Lunar Industries
02 oddlogic - Opening
03 Yojimbo Billions - Finding Existential Purpose While Searching For Gainful Employment, Late Summer 2010
04 Dominic Pierce - Tape 4 (James Bond Theme)
05 Choongum Summer ‘78 (Yann Tiersen Cover)
06 Krusht Sergei & Britney
07 Germany Germany - Welcome To (Jurassic Park)
08 :PapercutzSpiegel Im Spiegel
09 Blackbird Blackbird - Fog Rolls On
10 Ricky Eat Acid - Ceilings

MP3: Full compilation download


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